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Variable Error



I have been asked to look at a dashboard that has recently started throwing an error in a chart expression.


The expression is :

=sum({<$(vSum)>} [Total Cost])


Where vSum is :

[Order Date]={'>$(=addmonths(Max([Order Date]),-12,1))'},[Employee]-={'HarrisonEG'}

The Variable is throwing an error and I can't work out the correct way to express it.   I Basically want to sum Total Costs for the previous 12 months excluding a particular employee.   

Any help appreciated,



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Re: Variable Error

Hi Phil, usaully in set analysis single quotes are used to look for literal values, and double quotes for comparison, so try with:
[Order Date]={">$(=addmonths(Max([Order Date]),-12,1))"},[Employee]-={'HarrisonEG'}
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Re: Variable Error


Thanks for the reply.  I have altered the quotes as per your suggestion and im still getting an error in expression on....


Re: Variable Error

Hi, it works for me, PFA.

Note that syntax checker will say 'Errors in expression' but it still works.