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Venn Diagram chart

Hi Guys,

This is first time i'm working on extension objects, I have a requirement where i have to create Venn diagram chart in Qlikview. Please share me your ideas on it. This Venn Diagram chart should worked for N series of circles(Dynamic Chart)

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The Google Venn Diagram has been deprecated by Google so it doesnt work anymore.


Can we be sure deprecation by google of the venn diagram is the cause of the failure?  Cut and paste of the api call (from QV text expression) directly into the browser still returns the diagram.  Here is the call from my expression as an example:  

http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=v&chs=500x350&chco=556292,F1E3C5&chof=png&chdl=Experience|MA Research&chd=t:13.77,3.433,0,0.661


Hi Steve

No we cant be sure, but if it is deprecated then there likely wont be any support for it either. It says to use the Google Charts API but I couldn't see a Venn Chart in that list. Maybe someone else has managed to find one hidden somewhere. Maybe I have picked up the wrong API reference?



Venn Error.JPG