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Vertical / Rotated Table Box?

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to rotate a table box 90 degrees?

I'm frequently in a situation where I need to look at a single row of data, but across all of a table's columns.  I can keep scrolling to the right, but would rather just create the table vertically.  (And, I don't mean vertical labels.)  I realize I can do this with a Pivot chart, but would need to create each Expression, which is more time consuming.

Has anyone done this?



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Re: Vertical / Rotated Table Box?

Here's something I have used in situations where you can select a single row of data:

Build a multibox containing all of the fields you want to display. Then, when a single row is selected from your tablebox or chart, the multibox will show the names of the fields on the left and what is now a single possible value on the right. It is a vertical format as you described.

When you are using a straight table chart with chart rows corresponding to single values then it is simply a matter of clicking on one of the data cells in the chart to automatically select the dimension values for that specific row. With a table box there is usually no one-click way to select the row unless one of the fields is a unique identifier for the row. The key fields in the multibox, though, give the report user a way to select a specific set of key values.


Re: Vertical / Rotated Table Box?

This is very helpful. Thank you.