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What does ^ means in wildcard search?


Does anybody know, what the ^ -sign do in Wildcard Search and how to use it?

Maybe you know any business case applying it?

In a Search Object in QV dashboard (not only there of course), we can use special signs like * or ?, but in the Manual I found information about third special sign: ^ - but I really don't know what does it do....

From manual:


If wildcards are used, only those records that match the entire search string will be displayed, that is a blank
does not imply a logical OR. Wildcards may appear several times in the search string, regardless of their location.
The following wildcards can be used:
* zero or more characters
? any single character
^ whole string


Thanks in advance,


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Re: What does ^ means in wildcard search?

example : [^b]at matches all strings matched by .at except "bat".

Matches the starting position within the string