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What is NTNAME and how does it work

I have included a part of section access document, that I was reading, below. when authorizing in section access, is it something the user has to type in the box?, just like userID? because i though NTname was a domain name. such as hotmail.com and takes it from the machines operating system. No? as you can see i am having difficulty understanding it. If someone can explain how to set it up in the script and how will it affect the user, that would be awesome.

Happy ThanksGiving in advance.


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Re: What is NTNAME and how does it work

The NTNAME field is a field whose values - if present in the Section Access table - will be matched to the Windows account name of the user currently viewing the document.

If the account name of the current user cannot be found in this field, access to the document will be denied.

You could call it a "magical" field because will perform some invisible magic behind the screens.

Re: What is NTNAME and how does it work

The NTNAME field must contain values at the time of opening a document. This means two things:

  • Only the script can provide these values. An external data source is however not obligatory.
  • Users cannot change these values in any way, because in order to perform its magic the NTNAME field must be part of a Section Access table, which in effect makes it immediately invisible to end-users.

A sort of deadlock situation can occur when performing a reload on the server. For the server to be able to reload, the service account name must be present in the NTNAME field every time. But that means that the server must be able to always include its own account name. Otherwise,it will perform a permanent lock-out when reloading for the first time....