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What is a binary load and why did it fail ?

I have on my disk one .qvw file, which is opening but with no data in Personal Edition. The script contains a single line,

Binary my_project.qvw

and when I reload, i get error: Cannot open file [...] Binary my_project.qvw

What is this script supposed to do ? What is needed for it to be successful ? The path in the error message is correct...

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Re: What is a binary load and why did it fail ?

The binary load copy data model from another QVW file, in your case , it supposed to copy data model from Binary my_project.qvw.

The problem could be due to the path, you could write the whole path of the file and try, unless it could be  a restriction fur to the personal edition, if the file has been created before in another machine.

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Re: What is a binary load and why did it fail ?


Go to your script editor remove the line Binary my_project.qvw.

Place your cursor at the first line in script editor select Qlikview file button, highlighted in the attached image and select your my_project.qvw. Qlikview file from the available location.

Reload now it must work.

Hope it help