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New Contributor

When I click "Edit script",pops a strange windows.


I open qvw works well.Report looks great.

But when I click 'Edit Script' to edit Script ,the message pops.(See picture)

Although I wait a moment, the script windows will still appear.

But I need to close the windows when I want to edit script everytimes.

I want to solve the problem.

The situation will happen when I open any qvw in my server.

I make sure

1. I use the account that is  the member of adminstractors group and Qlikview adiminstractor.

2. The qvw I open that don't set any session access.

3. I use the account that has name cals.

4. The license of server is ok, i use the license in other server it works well.

5.That is not the folder authorize problem. I put the test qvw  to any folder to open is same.

By the way, I use the Adiminstrator account  that don't appear the problem.

So,I think that is the problem about authorization.

But I try the above point,I have no any idea now.

Please help me,thanks.


Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

  Problem Signature 01: qvsmanager.exe

  Problem Signature 02:

  Problem Signature 03: 50f69041

  Problem Signature 08: 13c

  Problem Signature 09: System.UnauthorizedAccess

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3 Replies

Re: When I click "Edit script",pops a strange windows.

Do you open the application directly with the desktop client or per desktop client over the server? The bold way should work by the other I'm not sure and would assume it should not.

- Marcus

New Contributor

Re: When I click "Edit script",pops a strange windows.

Hi Marcus,

I   remote connection to server,and I open qvw in server using Qlikview Client



Re: When I click "Edit script",pops a strange windows.

If I'm not mistaken the qvsmanager.exe is a custom connector and belonged to the Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView. Normally there should be no connection between this tool and the desktop client unless they called this connector - is it  used in your environment?

I assume that something is conflicting between this tool and the desktop client and the server maybe through failures by the installation or between different releases of them or any similar stuff like net framework, any security tools and so on.

Do reloads of these applications work? Does this also happens by a new created qvw with an empty script? If yes I would re-install the desktop client and if this don't worked you will probably need some more efforts to inquiry which releases are in use and if anything within the various Qlik and Windows log is odd.

- Marcus

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