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When filter is applied and switched b/w reports current selections not giving correct values

Hi All,

I am very new to QlikView. I am struck with a requirement, Need your help here.

PFB Data:




1) On click of Personal Tab: Name , ID should be selected on Straight Table Chart  by Default. PFB image for the same:


2) On click of Address tab, Email and Phone should be selected by default as shown in below image.



Likewise we have 8 different tab with  different default values to be displayed on straight table object on click of the respective tabs. For now I have attached the app with only 2 tabs(Personal & Address) under View .

We have used 2 different Bookmark for Personal & Address  to display their respective default values on straight table.


1)Under "View ", Personal & Address  tabs can be seen.

2)Under "Details View " , two different list boxes (Personal Attribute and Address Attribute) can be seen so that we can select any values to be shown in table chart.

3)I have added max(Year) as default filter applied on the app.

Problem Facing :

When any filter is applied and we switch between Personal and Address Report, the additionally selected filter shown in current selection box is getting removed. PFB image for the same, when email='arun@xyz' filter is applied.

a)Filter => email='arun@xyz' , and Address Tab is selected;



b) Filter => email='arun@xyz' , and  switched to personal tab;


Previously Selected Filter=> email='arun@xyz' is getting cleared.

Help is appreciated here. Thanks in Advance 😊


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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: When filter is applied and switched b/w reports current selections not giving correct values

Not exactly sure of what you are really doing here, which I suspect is why others have not answered as well.  You mentioned tab, but you have everything on a single sheet, which is not really going to allow you to do what most folks likely would have recommended.  If you put things on different sheet tabs, you can use the Sheet Properties and the Triggers tab and the OnActivateSheet Add Action button to add the actions to Toggle select the field values you want in the list boxes, but you may need to use the Clear All action to start.  As far as the default sheet, you simply save what you want set there when you save the document, so when folks open it, things are correct, but you will also need the sheet trigger so when folks go away from that sheet and return, things do what you want.  That is about the best I can describe things.  Otherwise you choice is to continue to use the button objects, but you need to use the Actions in the Button at that point to do things, here is a help link for the Actions, this includes Button as well Sheet Triggers etc.


Use the Add Action Dialog link on the right side to jump to the list of available Actions and note that some actions are not supported in the Ajax client, just FYI.


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