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Why do email marketing and how to do it professionally

Tips and Benefits of Doing Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a great way to build trust and keep in constant contact with your customers while you’re building and growing your startup.The information shared in this article can help launch your success with email marketing. The great differences kicked by email marketing has allured more and more attentions from the business field. Here, today, it is my great honor to share the necessities and tips of doing email marketing.

Firstly, what is email marketing

Email Marketing is one of marketing method to promote your business and website via emails to the customers. During these years, with the benefits of the email marketing have been more and more remarkable. The phenomenon that the booming of email marketing has been an overwhelming tendency.  But what is the basic drive of this phenomenon? Now just look at the necessities of doing email marketing.

    1.Real-Time Messages

With email marketing,  You can even send unique real-time messages to customers that arrive on their birthdays or anniversaries,Which will make the relationship between your customers from partner to friends.

    2.It’s Cost-Effective

The amazing benefits of email marketing as far as being cost effective. You can send numerous emails just once click.

    3.It cab Boost Sales

Why and how?

With email marketing , you can inform your customers the latest news about your products. In addition, the suitable links in the newsletters will win the big sales timely and effectively.Never you should worry about the emails to be spammy.

    4.Reduced Time & Effort

With email marketing, you can save more time in sending emails. But the fruits may be more gratifying.

    5.Global reach

No matter where you are or whom you need to reach, targeted emails pave the way. Borders are no obstacles in email marketing.You can set the time when you want to send.

    6.A/B Testing

With email marketing the A/B testing is more effective since the process of email marketing is sped up anyways. With testing, you can take control of the what kind of emails are more attractive to customers.

So what can you do to ensure a successful email marketing campaign?

    1.Look professional – If you use a template for your email marketing, make sure you virtually cross your T’s and dot your I’s.Be attention to subjects, contents and titles you compiled and templates you selected.

    2. Don’t just rely on images – Although images are more vivid than words. But too many emails cannot represent the correct information about the activities.  Make sure your email newsletter isn’t so reliant on images .Use images to decorate your contents rather than  replace your contents.

    3.Make it easy to unsubscribe – Readers unsubscribe from email marketing for many reasons,such as too many emails, loss of interests or needs and so on.

    4.Send test emails –  Send test emails to yourself and a handful of colleagues to test links and images on different platforms so that to be familiar with what kinds of newsletters are easier to be captured and what kinds of links are more eye-catching.

    5.Avoid “spam” words – As an email marketing maker. The spam words are biggest taboo. The phrases “take action now”, “money back” and “risk free”and so on are very disgusting to customers . Before you finalize your copy, check for words and phrases you’ve seen in spam – or avoid directly selling through email newsletters.

    6.Submit the information of your company to emails platform-If your customers' lists are hotmail. You should sign up hotmail and submit the information of your company so that you allow your lists to be whitelist.

    7.Put promises in to practice.  If you make a promise to your customers,you must put it into practice. If you cannot, you should make an  interpretation and  apology  so as to keep future collaboration.

Hopefully this article has been a guidance for you to do email marketing campaign. Last but not the least, iKode newsletter software is an email marketing software i shared here.Hope it can help you.If you are doubtful about it, you can download a free email marketing software through free php newsletter script

Good Luck and Best Wishes

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