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Why the mail attachment all damage?

HI guys:

     i used qv send a mail with attachment to me. got that mail and attachment.

      but when i open it, system said like "ur file damage"

     why?! why?!  how to fix that?

     code like this:

     objMsg.AddAttachment "D:\Documents and Settings\litao\My Documents\a\pc.jpg"

     And one more trouble is:

     create a button,set two run marco.

     The first one, create a file to somewhere;

     The second one, set this file into mail and send to someone;

     this combination its work,except the file damage ha............

     But the same combination not work when use in "when QV open" trigger.

     error info said: ActiveX cant create object    

     already allow the system visit

     if only use one 'run marco',its ok , just cant together, am is somewhere wrong?


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Why the mail attachment all damage?


Are you triggering it in a Server environment or are you running a batch file that uses the /r parameter in the command line? Make sure in the first case that "unsafe macros execution" are allowed in the QEMC, System, Setup, QlikView Servers, Security.

Hope that helps.