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aggregating error with Cardinal(54), for Object

Hi community,

with the governance Dashboard from QlikTech I have detected an errror in one of my applications:

System:     - aggregating on 'Basistabelle'(Key2AEVB) with Cardinal(54), for Object: Document\CH416 in Doc:

Does anybody have an idea what this error/warning is about and what I can do to fix it.

It is related to a Pivot element in QV


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Re: aggregating error with Cardinal(54), for Object


Guess you have a rather detailed and big data-model and aggregates on a bunch of dimensions in your pivot-table.

First look through your data model. Possible to reduce number of distinct values? Need the low level? Change keys to being numeric. Put the dimensions and the facts in the same table if possible to avoid big "joins" at runtime.

I've seen this warning with a suggestion to use a new "row-applicatior".

See this thread.

What is New Row Applicator ?