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change thousand separator in all charts


My chart setting was to use space as thousand separator. In the load script main, I changed it to coma (,). The problem is that the existing charts are still using the space as thousand separator even though new charts are using the new settings

My question is if there is any way to globally change the thousand separator in all charts at once instead of doing it one by one in each chart by going to the number formatting property of each chart. I was expecting it to change if I change the setting from load script but it did not work



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Re: change thousand separator in all charts

I think it is not possible unfortunately

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: change thousand separator in all charts

You could use a macro with a logic like this:

for each sheet

     for each object

          if object = chart

               for each expression

                    change NumberPresentation.Dec


Have a look into APIGuide.qvw and you will find for each step examples but you will need some effort to combine these and build a successfully routine .

- Marcus