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Contributor III
Contributor III

conditonal expressions

Hi - I am trying to allow the end user of my document to flex an input.

So for example the user might input contract value which would then change commission depending on the value entered

Contract value      commission

<5000                    100

<10000                  200

<20000                  300

The issue I have is that condition to work out the commission is quite long so cannot be done with an if statement as it seems to go beyind the maximum number of conditions.

I want to avoid the user reloading any data

Any ideas?

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Hi Nandy,

Instead of IF statements you can create a Data Island table which contains: [Contract value] and [commission] fields. Then capture the user input in the variable and use this variable which holds the user input value as Search String in Set Analysis. Something like this...

ONLY({<[commission] = {$(vMyUserInput)}>} [Contract value])

Something like this would give you the [Contract value] user wanted to use in calculation. You can also have range instead of static commission values. If you need further help then please post the sample QVW file.

I hope this helps!




Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Deepak, thanks for your response, I think this is the solution for me.

Unfortunately my set analysis experience is limited - I've attached a test file to my original post- my attempt to calculate the correct commission is adding them all up at the moment, and my attempt to subsitute in a variable isn;t working at all - can you help?