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expression for datetime in difference

Hi All,

I want write expression for difference between to datetime fileds :

Ex :  Date1  :03/20/2013:08:23:25

        Date2  : 04/20/2013:17:32:02

difference between these 2 dates in expression side.admin

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Re: expression for datetime in difference


use interval() .


inetrval(date2-date1,'D hh:mm')

If you dont want in hr and mins then remove HH mm

For details check in help file.


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Re: expression for datetime in difference

actully see below

i am assuming date 2 is greater

age(date2,date1)  returns difference in days

inetrval(date2,date1,'hh')   for difference in hours

inetrval(date2,date1,'mm')   for difference in minutes

hope this helps