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exteranl links to documents and pdfs

Is it possbile to access word docs or pdfs stored in shared folder from a qlikview app?  I'm looking to show a thumbnail of the document in a qlikview app and when the user clicks the thumbnail, we would like to open the pdf and have the ablity to scroll pages as well.

Any thoughts on how to do this is qlikview?

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Re: exteranl links to documents and pdfs

In a straight table, add a fixed expression column that says something like:

='Some descriptive text that will become underlined' & '<URL>' & 'http: //servername/link-to-your-document'

Set Display Options->Representation to 'Link' for this expression.

The <URL> separator will not be visible (nor the actual link) It signals QlikView to treat the remainder as a clickable link to be placed under the descriptive text.

Check the Sales Compass.qvw demo document that is installed with every QlikView installation. On sheet 'Details', the object 'Account Details' has a column containing Open items that link to an external CRM application.

Re: exteranl links to documents and pdfs

I forgot about the other part of your question. You may replace the http-part by an URL that references an actual file on your local network. Those URLs typically start with 'file: /////servername\path\document.docx'. However there are issues with this approach:

  • it won't work if the QV client has no access to that particular location
  • Most browsers block this kind of referral (cross site scripting is a major security issue!) but can often be configured to allow this. Not easy.
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Re: exteranl links to documents and pdfs

Hello Peter

Thanks for your post, it was exactly what I am looking for. Yet I struggle to get it working as I would like.

I have a table with showing various Dimensions and one column with an expression (value).

Transactio-ID          Value

1234                         500

1235                         750

1236                          39


Now for each Transaction ID I have an attachment stored on a shared drive with a supporting PDF document.

Here are the problems I face:

When I add the &'<URL>'&File1 expression to the Transaction-ID Dimension, then it does show the following:

1234<URL>\\Server\Directory\File.pdf as I can't find the Display Option to represent this Dimension as a link.

I then tried to place the link on the expression (value), as I have the Display Option available here. I have added the same part to the expression. Now I get the underlined link, but the value drops to 0 instead of the 500/750/39/etc. The link itself works just fine opening the PDF I want.

If I place a new expression column into the table, using 'Attachment<URL>'&File1 I also get the link, but the value column drops completely to 0.

The value expression is as follows: -Sum({$<Debug={'Actuals'}>} If(AC3='510', BalanceLC))

I don't think the Sum should be a problem, as there is a 1-1 relationship, as we are on the transaction level already.

Any idea how to get it shown in the dimension as link? Or to get the values re-appear?