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get Dimensions name in pivot table

Hi Qlikview gurus!

In a pivot table, I'm trying to catch the 1st dimension field name and and display it in the second one.


AC (Dim1)1
BE (Dim1)100

Why do I need that?

I need to display that AND being able to slap dynamically the column names ("Allow pivoting" ticked).

BE (6.25%)200
F  (93.75%)3000

ie E = 100/(200+3000)*200

I Can get the calculation right in static version but no way to get the "higher" dimension name dynamically.

The Dim2 formula for the static version:

=Dim2 &  ' (' &


aggr(NODISTINCT count(DISTINCT Metric), Dim1, Dim2  )/

aggr(NODISTINCT count(DISTINCT Metric), Dim1)



Any thought?

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If this what you are looking for?

Count(DISTINCT Metric) / Count(DISTINCT TOTAL <Dim1> Metric)

- assuming Metric is a field - add the formatting (Num()) and text prefix as required.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
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Hi Jonathan.

Thanks a lot for answering.

My main problem is to get Dim1 name dynamically. The calculation is working if i keep DIM1 name as a field but I cannot get it from a variable

Perhaps this then:

=Count(DISTINCT Metric) / Count(DISTINCT TOTAL <$(vDynamicDim1)> Metric)

Rename to the correct variable name.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein