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how t write !=(not equal to)


Is there any syntax or operator to write !=(not equal to)


Binod Kr.

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how t write !=(not equal to)


the syntax for different is <>

Hope that helps you



Re: how t write !=(not equal to)

Hi Binod,

I am not sure if you wanted NotEqualTo operator in Set Analysis. In Set Analysis, if you wanted to implement forced exclusion then you will need to use "~" Tilde Character on your keyboard. However, In other expressions you can use <> for exclusion. Using "-" Exclusion Set Operator returns a set of records that belong to the first but not the other set.

I hope this helps!

Cheers - DV


how t write !=(not equal to)

Hi binod.kumar.

It depends on where you execute it.


IF <>

If the one you choose doesn't work, try the other.

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Re: how t write !=(not equal to)

Hi Binod

I realise you probably have this sorted by now but for the benefit of anyone else...

I always find that dropping an if into the Set works best if you need to use more than one set in an exression..

I use this often as I am constantly being asked to remove the current month from graphs/tables so that only data for completed months is visible


Sum({$< FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}, MonthName={"=if(MonthName<>MonthName(Today()),MonthName,)"} >}Sales)

I hope this helps someone.


Re: how t write !=(not equal to)

For set analysis "-=", as in {$<Region=-{'USA'}>}, when dealing with static values.

To be sure, try either -= or =-. I am second-guessing myself.

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Re: how t write !=(not equal to)

For text comparison you can use

Not wildmatch(SubRegion ,'Americas Group','Americas Attributed')

this will return True when Sub Region is not equal to 'Americas Group' and not equal to 'Americas Attributed'

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Re: how t write !=(not equal to)

try this


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Re: how t write !=(not equal to)

I was having some trouble with the syntax - particularly in the script. Here's how I've found success (I was missing the parentheses).

Load     Sales,





where (Production_Plant <> 'Not assigned');