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how to convert case into expression


Can you help me how to convert the below condition into qlik expression ?


CASE WHEN ISNULL(ManualBV_Outcome,'') = ISNULL(AutomatedBV_Outcome,'')
AND ISNULL(ManualBV_Outcome_Reason,'') = ISNULL(AutomatedBV_Outcome_Reason,'') THEN 'match'
ELSE 'nomatch' END AS Manual_Discripency_Case_Status


select eBVDiscrpt_Parent_Case_Id

where Manual_Discripency_Case_Status = 'Match'



I tried doing this but no luck --

=COUNT ( DISTINCT IF((ManualBV_Outcome_Reason = AutomatedBV_Outcome_Reason ) AND (ManualBV_Outcome = AutomatedBV_Outcome ) , eBVDiscrpt_Parent_Case_Id))

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Re: how to convert case into expression

Perhaps this? I assume, you have real null values

If(ISNULL(ManualBV_Outcome) = ISNULL(AutomatedBV_Outcome)
AND ISNULL(ManualBV_Outcome_Reason) = ISNULL(AutomatedBV_Outcome_Reason), 'match', 'nomatch') as Manual_Discripency_Case_Status

After that, you can call it out for set analysis like

COUNT ({<Manual_Discripency_Case_Status={'match'}>} DISTINCT eBVDiscrpt_Parent_Case_Id) // For match records

COUNT ({<Manual_Discripency_Case_Status={'nomatch'}>} DISTINCT eBVDiscrpt_Parent_Case_Id) // For no-match records

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