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how to distinguish two columns in a histogram

Hi everyone,

So I just finished to install Qlikview, and I've got to take over a old project. And here's the deal :

I've got a histogram to make about absenteeism, an average per year. When I pick only one year, it works like a charm (ex 1)

But the problem is when I try to pick 2 years. I would like to see two columns, like the picture ex 2.

Unfortunately, when I try to do that, I don't know why, but I've got an average of something, which leads to the ex 3 picture.

So, the expression on the histogram is :  (NUM_JOUR)/((count( {$<NUM_ANNEE = >} AGENT_ID )/12)*365), I don't know if it can help you.

Do you guys have a solution to allow me to separate that in two distinct columns, not linked ? I don't know if it's the expression, or if I have to use anything else, I had read the manual, but I'm not familiar with all the Tools.

Thanks a lot for anyone who can help me !

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Please explain in details what you want to achieve ?

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I want the % of absenteeism per year. When I only choose 1 year, it works, I've got the right %, but when I choose 2+ years, it fails. So the thing is, I want (when I choose several years) 2 distincts columns with theirs respectives %, and not an average percentage calculed.

With the screens, it's like : In 2009, we've got 9.51%2009.png

In 2010, we've got 10.23%2010.png

But when I choose both 2009 and 2010, I want the column 2009 to be 9.51% and 2010 10.23%, but that's not the result. And I don't understand why.fail.png

How to put every column dependent of its year ?