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how to express multiple selections with their values in 2 different charts in single sheet

Hello All,

I am new to Qlikview Development. I am trying to design a sheet within a Qlik Dashboard which is already available and developed by my company's third party development company. Basically, I am into in-house development and enhancement of Dashboards which are already exists.

I am trying to create 2 charts with-in a sheet where I select one customer who may have one more Loans. Each Loan will have its own committed/assigned amount to that particular Customer. Customer may use/utilise that amount fully or partly.

My objective 1: Pick one customer from list box, list out granted loans (One -to-many relation) then Draw 2 charts in one single sheet to show, One chart for one loan (Its figures: committed amount and utilised amount) and the other chart for another loan for the same customer.

what I did so far:

1. Created a List box to get All the Customers and then another List Box to get All Loans (Loan Names e.g., Loan A, Loan B etc..) taken by the customer.

2. Drawn a Chart with Date as Dimension and Committed Amount and Utilised Amount as Expression.

3. In chart 1, I selected a customer and a loan name (Loan A) to show committed loan amounts and utilised amounts by that particular customer.

So far I am successful.

Need help for:

Being in the same sheet, 2nd Chart to show, from above, select another loan name (Loan B) for the same selected customer to show relevant committed amounts and utilised amounts.

Any help would be much appreciated please.

Thank you


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Re: how to express multiple selections with their values in 2 different charts in single sheet


it think you could use alternate state, 1 per loan

create 1 list box using alt state 1

another using alt state 2

in your 1st graph, you use loan coming from choice 1 and alt state 1

in your 2nd,  you use loan coming from choice 2 and alt state 2

(refer to qlik doc for knowing all about alternate states)