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Champion III
Champion III

how to go 2nd level drill report

Hi All,

We have requirement where we have 3 reports includes (2 summary reports which are pivot table layouts at level 1 drill down, and 1 straight table layout which is at L2 drill down.

Can we achieve this in qlikview.



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Did not get the usecase , why do you add a direct navigation to the L2? you don't have the required fields ?

Champion III
Champion III

I mean,

I have 3 level of different reports.

1st pivot table has only 1 dimension (D1) in the layout and 3 expressions used

2nd pivot table as drill report has common elements as D1 dimension but the dimension names are different and there are few measure expressions

3rd Straight table as drill report 2 which has one common dimension between 2nd pivot table and this last straight table with few more measures.

If you don't have direct link then you could only redirect it to the 3rd and ask the use to select the dimension he wants ..that's the only way

Hope this helps you