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how to perform incremental load in Dashboard applications?

Hi Guys,

I need your help / advice / on performing incremental loads.


I have a main QVD Create application, which generates QVD files from SQL by performing Incremental load every 15 minutes. (based on Modified Date column)

And all other Qlikview applications load data only from these QVD files (every 30 minutes).

What am I trying to achieve?

Every 15 minutes when my  application is reloaded by server, then I only want it to perform incremental load.

Why Could I not use same techniques of incremental load as my QVD Create application?

Because incremental load for creating QVD files was simple and clean as below

Load Max Date from QVD then SQL with Where clause and concatenate the existing QVD.

But I dont know how to achieve incremental load in dashboard applications.. Here is an example load script. I have 15 other tables being loaded from QVD files.


Load      OrderId,








From Order.QVD(QVD) ;

Now ones this is loaded.. how do I make sure that next time it will only load inserts and updates without removing previously loaded table?

Do I have to find Max date and concatenate for each table ?

Any suggestions on how to achieve it?


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Re: how to perform incremental load in Dashboard applications?

Well, you can look into a partial reload with ADD or REPLACE LOAD prefixes.

Partial Reload ‒ QlikView