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how to read a .DB file

Dear Forum,

My customer wants to read a file into qlikview that has an .db extension.

The file comes from the software package WERBAS (https://www.werbas-ag.com/)

I tried the microsoft paradox odbc but it gives the following error: 'cant find paradox.net'

I also tried to import it into ms access but I cant find the MS Access option how to do it.

The software 'FileviewPro' shows me only hieroglyphs and something that looks like hexadecimals.

Does anyone have a clue whether my wish is possible?


Tjeerd Wieberdink

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Re: how to read a .DB file

The fact that is has a ".DB" extension doesn't actually mean anything. Software can make any extension for any database. You'll need to contact the vendor with this question. If they don't provide an API or ODBC or OLEDB driver, it may not be possible.


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Re: how to read a .DB file

Ok thanks Vlad.