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if condition not working

i am wondering why this simple expression is not working


this category is available. Any suggestion? Thanks

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Re: if condition not working

Where are you carrying this out? Script or front end?

Re: if condition not working


it is might be because of space or case sensitive.

use wildmatch() or match()

like below



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Re: if condition not working

What do you mean by "not working"? Is it returning nothing at all? Or just the wrong values? Or always the same value?

Do not use this code as a chart expression. Because of the possible aggregation of rows, field category may carry multiple values. Even if you cannot see some of them...

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Re: if condition not working

Condition fails shows 0 always but the values in the category exist

Re: if condition not working

Are you sure, The category has same Name NSAs. Because, If condition consider as Case Sensitive. Could be the case, You have only one which the value

Or else you may explain more on this

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Re: if condition not working

What you can do is try the following:

  • create a listbox with field category
  • add an expression to this listbox (see ListBox properties->Expressions) and enter your =IF(...) code in the expression field.
  • tune the IF(...) call expression (see previous examples) until your code works as expected.