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input box and legend

Hi, I've attached a word doc showing my issue.  I have a separate sheet with input boxes where the user can key in dates and see 2 additional lines on each graph (see top screen shot).  When the user doesn't choose to see the 2 additional lines, I want the legend to go away (see bottom screen shot).  I have one graph that works fine ( bottom graph).  I've spent hours studying the settings and can't figure out how to make the legend go away on all other graphs ( dozens ).  Any suggestions?  Thank you, Jim

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Re: input box and legend


It seems  that you have the values Actuals, Curr Fact, Past Fcast Per1 and so on as Dimension.

So you could have to create calculated dimension to filter some values:

=aggr(if(match(Dimension, 'Actuals', 'Curr Fact', 'Past Fcast Per1')>0, Dimesnion)), Dimension)

Or you could use set analysis in experssions instead to skip undesiered dimension values:

=Sum({$*$<Dimension={'Actuals', 'Curr Fact', 'Past Fcast Per1'}>} Value}

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Re: input box and legend

well if the user doesn't key in a date for additional lines, then no additional lines will show.  I just want the legend to dissapear if no additional lines are selected.