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know the number of tables


I'm reading from sharepoint page (html)

in the URL I'm passing the ID of the employee

the problem is that the total number of tables differs from one ID to another

sometimes I get 40 tables named @1, @2,....@40 and for other ID values I get around 20 tables

the information that I'm looking for is 100% in the last table available

How can I know what is the last table to make reading dynamic as I'm making a loop through all employee IDs connect to the html page and read

Please advise

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Re: know the number of tables

Something like this might do the trick:

SET ErrorMode = 0;

For i = 999 to 1 Step -1

vTable = '@' & $(i);


LOAD * FROM http://myserver/mypage.html (html, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, table is $(vTable))

Exit For When NoOfRows('MyTable')


SET ErrorMode = 1;

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Re: know the number of tables

Other option is to use the load wizard in Qlikview and load view webfile then you can preview which table number is the right table.