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listbox don't allow selection in qlikview

Hi All

I have a question. I have 2 list box that when I select one of them the second selected 2. I want the second list box dont filtered by the selecting from first. do you have any Idea?

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Re: listbox don't allow selection in qlikview

Alternate states allow you to create two list boxes as Independent.

One List box is linked to State1, the other to State2.

Expression1 is linked to State1 selections and Expression2 to State2 selections.

Selections in the State1 list boxes only affect Expression1.

Selections in the State2 list boxes only affect Expression2.

In list boxes, charts, table boxes … Alternate State option will be generated only if we define these variables for first time thru the below process. Otherwise this option wouldn’t be appeared.

Settings – Document Properties – General tab – Alternate States Button – Add – Create Variable / give a name like: A, B, C or var1, var2…..

Select the Chart (a chart where we want to apply the Alternate State condition) – Properties – General Tab – Alternate States (Drop down) (it’ll appear at the top location, after the Window Title option) – Select the Variable name ‘A’ (we already defined this in the above area) – OK.

Follow same process of applying the same variable ‘A’ for some other list Boxes or Table boxes.

Now assign the second variable name ‘B’ to other Table boxes, List Boxes.

Select different table boxes, list boxes & observe the differences by trying the two variables.

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Re: listbox don't allow selection in qlikview

In your Question, you mentioned the second list box is getting selected, if it is getting selected you need to check on field trigger and variable trigger in your dashboard.

By default it will get filtered,

If you select one value from the first list box, the second list box will get filtered, it is because of Qlikview associative functionality.

There are different options to override this functionality. you need to use based on your requirement.

1. Alternative State

Details are available in the below link


2. Using the Set Analysis for the second list box

3. Change in the datamodel

Keep the second list box column in a separate table, not connected with the first list box column table

It will be good, if you can share a sample application.