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load XML file as a whole - not as seperated tables


i am reading some XML that is generated as response from a web-service.

this XML structure contains 2 tables.

when i use the QV xml wizard it splits the load into 2 separate loads with a joining keyfield

usually i don't have a problem with this behavior but in a certain case i do have a problem:)

the thing is that this way of reading causes the QV to actually send the request to the web-service as two separated(identical) queries, one right after the other. (i assume it then goes and parse the corresponding table each time)

the problem is that since i have to run the load in a loop (since i can only get max of 1000 rows each time)

this means that for each iteration QV sends the request twice.

this is aproblem with the supplier who owns the web-service.

when i use the same URL in excel for example i get the entire XML as response (without parsing)

is there a way to read the xml from the web-service as a whole file and save it and then i will read the file using the QV XML wizard.

hope i made my self clear.


Daniel Chotzen

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MVP & Luminary

Re: load XML file as a whole - not as seperated tables

Try loading it as text:



     @1 as Line


     http://somewhere/myxml.xml (txt)


STORE MyXMLFile into ;

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