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loading from excel file

Hi Qlikss,

i have dashboard which got scheduled 10 times in a day. it is getting refreshed normally, but every once in a week its getting failed with following error. i am restarting this task manually, then it refreshes without any error. what could be the possible reasons.

Error: Excel file format error

2018-03-10 20:01:00          General Script Error

2018-03-10 20:01:00          Execution Failed

2018-03-10 20:01:00          Execution finished.

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Re: loading from excel file

Did you check the document log for this specific qvw file.

Does your qvw file access any SQL database tables? Are those tables were used by some other application or some read write happening on those tables at that point of time every week?

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Re: loading from excel file

Yeah some other SQL tables are but those are fine.

Yes you maybe right,even I thought  same that these excel file is getting updated whenever refresh happens