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macro to Export an Object as an "Object" from QV to Excel File

In may Dahbord , I create a multiple list of selection an filters .

Manually , I can export Object from QV to my Excel File.

I want to export an Object automatically with Macro.

I create a macro that export "data" (values) and "image" from QVW to Excel , but Not an Object.

sub exportToExcel_Variant3

Dim aryExport(1,3)

aryExport(0,0) = "CH893"

aryExport(0,1) = "Feuil1"

aryExport(0,2) = "A1"

aryExport(0,3) = "data"

aryExport(1,0) = "CH893"

aryExport(1,1) = "Feuil1"

aryExport(1,2) = "E1"

aryExport(1,3) = "image"

Dim objExcelWorkbook 'as Excel.Workbook

Set objExcelWorkbook = copyObjectsToExcelSheet(ActiveDocument, aryExport)

end sub

Is that possible to export Object to Excel files with macro ??

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Re: macro to Export an Object as an "Object" from QV to Excel File

Probably , there is not a solution to export Object from Qlikview to Excel By macro .

I want to have interaction between objects exported by macro in my Excel Sheet .

Any Idea Please ??