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need a help urgently regarding qlikview chart layout

Hello team,

Need a help from you guyz. I have a table with a field named 'CONCLUSION' which has values like Paper,zambia,Malawi,hunyani,kenya,nigeria.

zambia,Malawi,hunyani,kenya,nigeria these all belongs to paper division which is also a value in the CONCLUSION field.

This CONCLUSION field is mapped thorugh section access.

Now if an user has access to zambia,Malawi,hunyani only then he will be able to see only the records of these 3 values.

Now business wants along with these 3 values he also wants to add a row in that table calling 'PAPER' which will be the sum of these 3 rows.

Like this below. But this Paper row contains the sum of all its entities (zambia,Malawi,hunyani,kenya,nigeria) but i want it for only those 3. how can i achieve this ???

So this Paper row calculation will always be dynamic. If an user has access to zambia and malawi then he should get under paper only the sum of those two entity values.

Pls help.