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only sum up value, if the value is not null

hey peps! 🙂

i have a question ..

i have the following situation:

i have in a table the following values:

planned tickets, actual tickets -> the planned tickets are a forecast and the actual tickets i get every month -> for example: for this month, i will get the actual tickets - next month around 15th - 20th dezember. and for the acutal tickets of october i will get the amount of actual tickets on 15th - 20th november.

furhtermore i have a filter, where i can filtet on date -> 2016, 2017, 2018 and from january to - dezember.

now what i want is, that i want to make an statistc -> acutal tickets / planned tickets

if i filter for 2018 from january till november -> i want that it only sums up till september, because of the fact that i dont have the value for october and november -> so i only want tu sum up the acutal tickets till september / sum up the planned tickets till september.

if i filter for 2018 from january to march for example -> i want sum all from january to march, because therefore i already have the acutal tickets.

i dont know how i should do this.

furthermore if i filter for 2017 and 2018 till november -> i want to sum up from januard 2017 till september 2018, for 2017 i want to sum up from january to december (because therefor i have the values) and for 2018 i only want to sum up from january to september.

i hope you can understand what i want .. if not i will make an aex