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open url macro


Can any one let me know the Macro for "Open URL". I'm expecting only macro code for opening the url's.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: open url macro


you do not need to program a macro for that, you can do it by adding an action to a button:

Action Type: External

Action: open URL

and fill the URL field with a fixed or variable URL:

='http\:'  &(Url)

Hope this helps.

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Re: Re: open url macro


I want to display images in the listbox and also when clicking on any image then it should open the link.

As per requirement i shouldn't use any other objects to open the link (i.e. Only when selecting any image in the listbox then particular link should open)

In my app contains the Fieldnames are "ImagesNames", "URL". Where ImageNames displays the images in listbox and URL contains the url path for each image.

I tried FieldEventTrigger for "ImageNames" field, provided trigger for "On Select" --> Open URL--> URL ,but i don't know why it is not opening the link. When i tried using the same approach in button it works fine.

That's why i'm searching for the MACRO CODE for OPEN URL. Please find the attached sample app.

Thanks in advance.