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qlikview questions for new starter


     I am new to Qlikview and learnt some basics .But I have many questions from starting itself.

I request anyone to please answer my questions. I don’t have any other technology or database knowledge.Till now I am just practicing on the qlikview desktop version on my system by downloading some sample data as explained by other youtube videos.

Here are my some questions:

  1. In real –time ,where we will have data, how to pull them .

  2. For example, if we pull them from a datamart then where we will store that?

  3. My system or laptop RAM is just 4GB  (Example), how can that much data from datamart be saved on our laptop /systems.

  4. Do we need to download Qlikviw server  for practicing  and how about in a company?

  5. If so where we will Place server?

  6. In an organization how the client view his application how can we transfer dashboard to him?

  7. If 3 members are working on same dashboard how the changes are made

  8. If those 3 members are working on same project but different modules how it will  be combined and viewed?

  9. In a Pie chart ,bar charts   the minimum dimension is Zero.so how do we plot with out dimension and what we will take on x-axis and y-axis?

                  If anybody willing to give me their email i.d or contact number for further assistance or queries it is really helpful to me.I appreciate anykind of help.


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Re: qlikview questions for new starter


Most of the questions answers you will get in the forum,

Actually in real time developers are given qlikview personal edition and license lease is applied.

Once documents are developed and tested are moved to production and Access is given thru CAL's

to user's active directory account.

check these videos http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-1986

Search forum and if any doubt ask ....

Happy qlik learing.....