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"Flashing" Tables when scrolling on the Access Point

Hi All,

I had been experiencing a "flashing" issue when a user tried to scroll through either a Straight Table or Pivot Table.  Basically, every second the screen would flash and the scroll would try to revert back to the top, it was plaguing our user experience.

This issue was a common variable used in nearly all of our set analysis expressions that referenced a time-stamp (date) dimension in conjunction with the Qlik function Now().  Aside from the "flashing", everything worked perfectly.

I've come to realize after searching endlessly for a solution to the issue that it was the Now() funciton itself, effectively updating perpetually!  Or that is at least what I decided was the root cause.  I've replaced Now() with Today() and we are golden!

I'm posting this with as many keywords that I can think of so the next user that runs into this issue can find a solution on the forum as I never was able.