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restrict specific values in set analysis in a Chart

Hi All,

I have a bar chart with 1 dimension that counts something per each value in the dimension.

I have a set analysis expression:  Sum({<RUN_ID={$(vMax_Run)},OPCODE, FLOW={"*"}-{0}>} COUNT_A*COUNT_B)

I want to restrict the chartto show only several values from 'OPCODE' and not all the values.

and I want them to be in an order that I choose.

I tried to write: Sum({<RUN_ID={$(vMax_Run)},OPCODE={'A','C','E'}, FLOW={"*"}-{0}>} COUNT_A*COUNT_B)

I didn't work

How can I do it?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: restrict specific values in set analysis in a Chart

You can't define a sort order in a set modifier. If you want the result show in a specific order in the bar chart then you need to either create the sort order in the script or sort by an expression like =match(only({1}OPCODE),'A','C','E')

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