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script finishes on exists()


Tell me?please? why can script finish without even en error on string

IF Exists(Date2,'$(vCurrentDate)') then


Before this i'm making a table for product sales for all dates and onle one product

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Re: script finishes on exists()

chk dis

Exit ()

Re: script finishes on exists()

I think the value in the variable is not present in the date2 and hence the condition is not getting satisfied and part of the code in IF block is not working 

//IF Exists(Date2,'$(vCurrentDate)') then

check this for the exists

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Re: script finishes on exists()

Have you checked the log file to confirm that there was in fact no errors?

Re: script finishes on exists()

Exists() is a so-called Inter Record Function that can be used to evaluate the current record based on values from a previously loaded record or field.

In an IF-THEN-ELSE control statement, you're not loading any records, so I guess the Exists() call will cease to work. Use Exists() in a LOAD statement.

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Re: script finishes on exists()


The exists() is an inter record function which means it only works in a context of a loading. I am assuming that is not the case in your script, if so you might want to transfer the logic to the WHERE clause of your load statements.