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set analysis should just ignore Time dimension?

Hello Experts,

I have the below expression

Sum({< TIME_PERIOD_START_DATE = {'>=$(=AddYears(Today(), -1))<=$(=Date(Today()))'}, FORECAST_TYPE = {'Q0F'} >} FCT_GROSS_REVENUE) / 1000
This expression shows the current - 52 weeks data on a chart at anytime and works exactly the way I wanted, however I want this to change only when I select a Product or a Customer dimension and not the year.. any wayt to do it.
I know if we add (1{< ignores the selections, but again it does it for all...
Thanks in Advance,
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set analysis should just ignore Time dimension?

Hello Andy,

So what you want is to select one customer and see the last 52 weeks of that customer right? Then if the selected customer doesn't have sales but only the last four weeks, only those four weeks will be displayed. Is that correct?