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Re: sort order in straight table

Looks better?

Updated: Use a calculated dimension like this

Dual(Country, Aggr(NODISTINCT Sum([Actial Headcount]), [Business Unit], Country))

Re: sort order in straight table

Not sure if you want me to delete the app and image once you have downloaded it. It seems that Location was scrambled in QlikView.... so that is why I ask

New Contributor

Re: sort order in straight table

yes please delete the app and image.

its working fine .thank you sunny.

can we achieve the same sort order with out calculated Dimension?

Iam using this created Table in Nprinting HTML Report ,here the issue is table showing correct result but

country column only showing grey background.

i am planning to post new thread any way

Thanks once again


Re: sort order in straight table

Updated my post to remove the qvf and the image