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Creator III
Creator III

summary data sheet vs. restricted details sheet

Hi we have a new project and I am looking for some guidance or general directions. you do not have to give me step by step instructions just some tips.

My challenge is that we have a single QVW document with two sheets.

First sheet have some charts/data for 30 hospitals and all users working for these hospitals can see. So user 1 working for hospital 1 can also see data for hospital 2.

Now on the second sheet, they want to limit data only to the hospital that user is assigned to - so user 1 can see data ONLY for hospital 1.

I am thinking about creating a mapping table that would map user 1 to hospital 1, user 2 to hospital 2 etc. and then use expression with IF condition on the second sheet to limit calculations only to the hospitals they have access.

But I am wondering if there is a better way of doing this.

Sectional access won't work here because I do not reduce data - users still need to see summary data for ALL hospitals on the first tab.

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Re: summary data sheet vs. restricted details sheet


Why not create a aggregated QVD for your summary data for ALL hospitals and load that for your 1st tab.

Then load your detailed data for the other tabs using Section Access making sure your Section access does not interact with the aggregated QVD data ?

Best Regards,     Bill