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using Set Analysis for Date Comparision

Why does

this works: - =count(if(%Check_Key = %Key and [Date 1] >= '12/12/1999', ID))

but this does not: -

=count({$ <%Check_Key = P(%Key), [Date 1] ={">= 12/12/1999"}>} ID)

I already checked the '%Check_Key = P(%Key)' part; it works without the date parameters. so no issues there.

I just want to know why set analysis does not like date comparisons or may be i am doing it wrong.

Thanks again

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Re: using Set Analysis for Date Comparision

First, please note that

=count(if(%Check_Key = %Key and [Date 1] >= '12/12/1999', ID))

will evaluate the comparisons on a per record base, while the set analysis won't.

Regarding the date comparison, have a look at

Dates in Set Analysis

Have you check the format of [Date 1] values, that they match format of the set modifier?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: using Set Analysis for Date Comparision

See this document for an explanation: set_analysis_intra-record.qvw

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