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where am I, server or desktop ?


I have an application that I would like to run a different script when run manually and when run nightly through the server. The nightly is a refresh of all data where as the manual I would like to be able to refresh just selected data. I was going to do this through 2 separate load scripts unfortunately I am not able to distinguish between a server refresh and a manual refresh, any ideas would help ..

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where am I, server or desktop ?

If you had QV Publisher you could create a variable called vServerLoad. Then make one load script with 2 sections that are controlled by an if-statement in the script and when the publisher reloads the file with a the variable vServerLoad set to Yes. At the end of the script you then set the vServerLoad to No.

Another option without QV Publisher is to create a VB script file that sets the variable vServerLoad to Yes and is run nightly by Windows Job Scheduler, but then it is difficult to run the task if it is dependent on another reload.

I hope one of these options helps.


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where am I, server or desktop ?

Another idea is to use an environment file.

On the server the environment file specifies

Let variable = 'Server';

on the workstation

Let variable = 'Workstation';

Keep the file in the same relative path on both systems.

If you have publisher, I would suggest @Karl's solution.