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Contributor II
Contributor II

Data attribute not displaying in Qlikview once selecting

Before importing this single sheet into Qlikview, I had 2 data sets, one from 2016 Olypmics and the other from 2020 in two different Excel files, I combined the sets of data into one so I could visualize this data in Qlikview. I have two sets of Gold data since one is from 2016 and the other from the 2020 olympic results. The problem I am having when opening the spread sheet in Qlikview, it shows the correct data but I want it to display both Gold figures instead of just the 2020 figures, I thought doing it as shown in the image would be sufficient for it to display both gold figures but it's just displaying the one set. How can I get it to display both for each country specified? I will include my Qlikview setup since it might have relevance to my question.                                          FaceTime

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