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QlikSAP connector issue


I used QvSAPOLAPConnector to connect to a cube in SAP (ZFIAR_C03) i got this interface. No log file generated. What is wrong?



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The OLAP connector is designed to extract data from BEx Queries, not quering the cube directly. From the Connectors Manual:

The first item in the drop-down is $INFOCUBE, which is a top level for all InfoCubes in the system. $INFOCUBE should not be selected as the Query list then displays Infoproviders instead of queries. Selection of Infoproviders by this means is not supported. You must select an InfoProvider in the drop down list.

Create an applicable BEx query or extract the cube data using the extractor connector or the sql connector.

/ Mats

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You seem not to understand my question. I understand all of that. Am not using Transport remove sql connector from the picture am connecting to SAP BW not SAP. All my Queries are tied to infocube i selected a query and it freezed my program. I do this for other cubes and it works fine.


In the screenshot you have not selected an InfoCube, as the manual requires you to do. Fisrt you select the Cube, then the query, then you mae your selections. You need to extract data from a BEx query, not the cube directly /Mats