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SAP extraction using Qlikview Connector

Dear Qlikview Enthusiast,

There are two parts to my inquiry here,

1) Is the SAP connector version 5.70/5.80 faster then 5.30 in term of data fetch speed.

2) How can we fetch huge data from a SAP table under decent a period

#1 in detail

Can I know if there is any significant difference between SAP connector version 5.30 and 5.70/5.80 when it comes to speed of data retrieval ?

The reason for this is that we are trying to fetch a huge amount of record from a table with no Index support directly from ECC and we are currently running on SAP connector 5.30 due to some limitation on one of our SAP systems. So was wondering if the result of the fetching speed will be the same between the 5.30 connector against the 5.70/5.80. For an example , will it be faster to fetch 1mil rows using 5.70/5.80 rather then 5.30 ?

#2 in detail

If its roughly the same, can I kindly request if there is any tips to improve retrieval time of a SAP table such as LIPS. In my case we have around 380mil rows of record with no index support. Extracting the whole table roughly estimates to 1.8 days which is impossible as the BASIS guys will literally kill us. Writing a "where" clause makes it even worst where the extraction itself does not commence and times out, increasing the timeout limit(connector side) does not help as well. We only need around 2mil records out of the 380mil records. Acknowledge that running a "where" clause on a un-indexed table is disastrous but is there any other way I can fetch with a limit. FYI, only fetching 4 columns such as Sales doc no & item, Delivery doc no & item, not using "Select *"

Do advice on the items above, the communities wisdom and knowledge is much appreciated.

Thanks and have a nice day


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