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SharePoint Web Connector not seeing all columns

Hi All,

I'm using the SharePoint web connector to connect to and pull data from a SharePoint list.  I'm able to connect and pull data with no issues, however, I'm not seeing all columns that are in the list.  For some reason the column "Modified By" is not appearing in the results.  I can see "Modified" which is the date, but I do not see the corresponding name field "Modified By".  I do see several fields that seem to be internal SharePoint fields with some data I don't understand.  Screenshots attached.  First shows the list and where the Modified By field should appear (directly after Modified) but is not there.  Second screenshot shows example of the SharePoint fields I'm seeing. 

Any ideas how I can get the Modified By field into the extract?  Or is it possible that one of the strange SharePoint fields is the one I'm looking for?  


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Former Employee
Former Employee

Best I can offer with the info provided is the Help doc, have a look at that to be sure there is not something you have missed there:

If everything looks good there and things are just not working as documented, I would recommend doing a support case, so we can have a direct look at things with you, but the other thing you may want to do is check Microsoft Forums too in order to see if there may be something on SharePoint side causing things.  Sorry I do not have something better for you.


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