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About Salesforce API version 23

What version of QlikView Connector for Salesforce can be supporting Salesforce API v23?

I was downloaded the QlikView Connector for Salesforce version 11, but I am not sure this version can be used. Because this version of the documentation referred to supports up to Salesforce API version 21.

My clients are very sure they are using Salesforce API version 23, so how can I solve it.


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About Salesforce API version 23


when the Salesforce connector was released the current API level was 21, thus this was tested.

API 22 and 23 will probably work fine, but could obviously not be tested since they did not exist at the time for release. No reports of problems with these API levels exist.

Kind regards,

Lars Wahlstedt

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About Salesforce API version 23

I have tried to using connect to SFDC by QlikView Connector, just have a little bit problem. some fields in SFDC tables can not be found, I changed some load script then it can be smooth running.
Thank you for your reply.

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