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Bug with SAP-FI QVD extraction application identified

Hi all,

I have been carrying out some testing of the SAP connector at a client's site and I was using the supplied "QlikStart for SAP FI - QVD Extraction.qvd" to generate the related QVD files that are then used as data input for the supplied "SAP QlikStart for FI General Ledger.qvd".

The whole process (QVD generation and loading into the template application run smoothly against the client's SAP setup. When we verified the data afterwards we noticed that all was fine for customer data but not so for vendors. All the vendor details were there but no transactions against them.

Looking at the code, I identified a small bug with the code in the "BSEG" tab in line 6 where it creates the composite key " [%MANDT/LIFNR_KEY]"

The definition of this field is listed as:


where it should have been


Fixing this brought all the vendor transactions as expected.

Hope this helps


Bug with SAP_FI QVD extract.jpg

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Re: Bug with SAP-FI QVD extraction application identified

Thank you for this issue correction.

After multiple try, I've found out the same issue in the QVD extract report as well.

In addition to this issue, the report should get data from BSEG using incremental load in order to increase performance of the load. BSEG can be really huge.