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New Contributor

Can QlikView Connector read SAP Payroll Cluster Tables?


I have a prospect who wants to know if QlikView Connector can read SAP Cluster Tables PCL1, PCL2, PCL3 and PCL4?

Any previous experience reading these tables?

Any potential issue to look for?

Thanks and regards,


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Valued Contributor III

Can QlikView Connector read SAP Payroll Cluster Tables?

Yes, you would be able to read the data but won't be able to make much use of it as data is in cluster format. Also SAP Connector will not be able to import from memory index. Yes, you can do all the linking in QV with INDX table etc, but would to too much of hassle.

I would rather write a "Z" program reading clusters and populating a "Z" table in SAP itself, then read this "Z" table in SAP Connector. Again, this would depend how often your data is refreshed, as you would need to schedule this "Z" program in SAP as well. You may find some details of this "Z" programming at http://fuller.mit.edu/hr/cluster_tables.html page.

I do not have experience with HR clusters, so please update this post with your possible solution. This would help everyone.

New Contributor II

Re: Can QlikView Connector read SAP Payroll Cluster Tables?

can you please explain what is reason why we cannot access data from Cluster table via QlikView Connector. How is cluster table different.

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