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Collect data from SalesForce table LoginHistory


We want to collect data mainly from table LoginHistory and also from table Region.

We have the SalesForce connector v11 SR1 downloaded on qlik site.

We are in QlikView 11.2 SR3.

Through the connection window to SalesForce in QlikView, we put our login and password (we don't have token security), we select API version 11.

We have a connection string like this :

CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=SalesForceDLL.dll;F11;XUserId=xxxxxx;XPassword=xxxxx;";

We can load data from table Region, but the script crashes during loading of table LoginHistory.

After, I've seen in documentation that the table LoginHistory is available only since version 21 of the API.

So, in the connection window, I put API version 21, and I have the connection string below :

CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=SalesForceDLL.dll;F21;XUserId=xxxxxx;XPassword=xxxxx;";

after that, the script loads correctly, there is no error, and loads x lines from the 2 tables.

But all my data is null, both in LoginHistory and Region.

I've tried to connect directly in SalesForce with the same user, and I successfully executed the request :

SELECT UserId, LoginTime from LoginHistory;

And I have some results.

Why all my data is null?

Do I need specific rights?

Best regards

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